Monday, March 20, 2017

Chapter 3

Several weeks after Kilgor shed the gel of the Womb an email arrived in his Temporal Lobe Inbox, the virtual mailbox in his HeadKase system. He mentally clicked it open, gave it a read, and clicked on the link and found an invite.
He stood in front of an odd-looking shape.
“Please, come on in, Kilgor,” a voice invited.
Kilgor pursed his lips and furrowed his thick brows.  
“Oh, sorry, you have to twist the doorknob. I’m still a bit old fashioned, decorating my block of the hall with vintage pre-Shift oddities.”
Kilgor twisted the funny-looking device. 
Inside, four light grey walls trapped a window with a view of four yard gnomes standing on a green lawn, a few pictures on the wall he did not recognize, and a tall plant with only two green leaves, quite wide, and a large mouth shaped like a clam. An oak desk occupied the middle of the room and a young man sat in a chair behind it. 
“I’m Vincent Gorrack, Kilgor. I work for Gorph Incorporated.” The man stood up, held out his hand.
Kilgor shook it.
“Now,” Gorrack sat back down, smoothed his white shirt worn under a business suit, and swiped the screen of a Recog tablet with one digit, “since you are aging well with our Rapid Aging program, making you equal to a thirteen year old human already in less than three weeks, you’re ready to further your studies. The program will only add age to you until you are twenty-one, then your body should continue to grow at a normal rate.” 
He grinned and reached into his right pocket.
“Can I interest you in a Life Savor?”
Kilgor cocked his head.
“It’s a vintage candy I persuaded Mr. Gorph to reproduce. It’s quite refreshing.” He beamed. “Here.”
Kilgor tore open the clear plastic and slipped it between his lips. 
Gorrack didn’t lie about the refreshing part.
“I also have Jolt coffee brewing over there,” Gorrack hooked a thumb in the corner of the room, “if you’d like a cup.” 
Kilgor took Gorrack up on the offer and poured a cup. Jolt had already became an instant love for him.   
“Please, sit down,” Gorrack gestured with an open palm. On the corner of his desk was an animated snow globe. Laughter played at the lips of a small girl in a dress while a small robot rattled after her. They ran in circles. “Today were gonna download some files into that noggin of yours. Don’t worry, just sit there, and you won’t feel a thing, kiddo. I’m plugging you into the virtual connecting the signal to your HeadKase; so, buckle up.”
Kilgor looked at his lap and the sides of the chair.
Gorrack chuckled. “It’s just an expression, Kilgor, meaning to get ready.”
“Oh,” Kilgor replied.
Gorrack’s finger hovered over the Recog.
Kilgor nodded.
“And here we go…” Gorrack’s beaming face and body burst into atoms and melted away, snatching away the room, until transforming onto a deserted plain. A small breeze ruffled Kilgor’s hair and a sun hid itself behind the clouds.  
He felt a tap on the top of his head and had the sudden urge to do wu-jea (woo-gee-ah), a martial art form taught to a ninja clan called the Darkens. His nostrils flared. He started off on one foot forward, one foot back, and chopped the air with one claw, chopped the air with his other, then flipped upside down, landed on the ground in a squat, swept one leg around, spinning as of on an axis, leapt into the air, kicked, and landed on the ground, hands steepled, head up. 
With a sudden move he clawed the air, spun around, kicked sideways, kicked a roundhouse, leaped in the air once more, flipped end over end, and landed in the same position as before. 
He blinked and was surrounded by a ninja clan.
They attacked, one after the other.
Kilgor fended each one off, sending them tumbling.
Sometimes only using one strike of his hand.
Sometimes only using a sidekick.
Another tap on his head developed his skill as a gunslinger. The scenery morphed into a dirt street with shops flanked on both sides, including a corral, a blacksmith, and a saloon.
A figure in a black leather vest, a long sleeve white button up shirt, a black scarf tied around the neck, a black hat and wearing boots with spurs faced Kilgor standing twenty paces away. 
Long, calloused fingers hovered over the grip of a large pistol. 
Kilgor caught the twitch of the man’s eye and knew he was going for the gun. Kilgor drew his own and fired. The figure’s body crashed the dirt, causing a cloud of dirt to puff around the gunfighter. 
Kilgor spun his gun around one long finger and slipped it back in his holster.
A third tap on top of the skull delivered Kilgor into a small room where he kneeled and peeked a green eye through the scope on a rifle atop a tripod.
The target walked out of a hotel across the street.
And Kilgor’s shot split his skull in two.
Brain matter splattered the woman on his arm and one of the two body guards.
Before the guard saw Kilgor, he ducked out of view and ran out of the door to the room.
He descended the stairs by the twos. By the time he reached the third floor the victim’s body guard met him in the hallway, his semi-automatic out, already spraying bullets, chewing into the plaster walls as Kilgor slipped into a room.
The only escape was a window.
Kilgor burst through the glass and landed on a fire escape and climbed down the steel ladder.
The body guard’s thick neck stuck out of the shattered window, then climbed out.
Kilgor launched himself into an alley and rocketed off.
Bullets scrambled after him.
He took a corner too fast and slipped on wet pavement and crashed into a couple holding hands.
He helped the couple stand but their bodies jerked and flailed, their expressions sagging as they fell forward on Kilgor. 
The woman’s skull blew apart, somehow preventing Kilgor’s eye from eating a bullet. 
While the guard’s semi-automatic barked again Kilgor had no other way of defending himself but to use the woman’s corpse for a shield.
Her flesh ripped apart in stages. Skin, blood, bone fragments, a severed hand.
This gave Kilgor enough time to defend.
He launched the body at the guard and dropped on his side, pulled a handgun from his ankle holster, fired once.
And once only.
The bullet found its mark, stabbing the heart of his pursuer.
Kilgor blinked.
He was back in the room sitting across from Gorrack.
The gnomes had changed their positions on the lawn. 
“Well done, Kilgor. Those were simple simulations. They are beginner stages and will become harder the more you do them. I’ve downloaded the program and filed it on your HK desktop—I mean facetop, sorry—called Gorrack’s Training. You are required to practice each and every day. Each one is in segments. Each simulation will vary from the last and will require practice and skill no matter how many times you beat the computer. Because it’ll throw you curve balls. It’ll throw you grenades. It’ll throw you heat seeking nuclear missiles. Each time it’ll challenge you. 
“Practice makes perfect, Kilgor. When we think you are ready, you will begin your new job. You will continue to improve, kiddo, I assure you that.”  


The first little girl in her blue dress launched herself in the air and dug her claws in Kilgor’s face and tried ripping it off. 
She opened her mouth to take a bite out of Kilgor’s face and he peeled the girl off by grabbing her blonde hair and launching the kid into the nearest wall. 
The kid rose on all fours, hissed. 
Five circled him, lips pulled away, showing their ivory choppers, and shaping their hands into claws. They took turns in another chant:
“…..If he.”
Another girl launched herself at the goblin badger. He fought her off by grabbing her  face and throwing her small body against the wall. The next one blindsided him and dug her claws into his side and chomped down with her ivories.
Kilgor winced at the pain, grabbed the girl around the throat using one claw, and squeezed. She gasped and hissed and thrashed and tried to peel Kilgor’s long fingers off until her expression deadened.  
Kilgor dropped her body and it slumped to the floor. 
The next child clone climbed on his back and wrapped her arm around his throat.
Kilgor gagged.
She ground her feet in his back for leverage while pulling his head backward, giggling.  
Kilgor lost his balance and crashed the floor face down.
The girl used her feet again, assisting her hands in the attempt to try and snap his spine. 
Kilgor folded his body, flipped over on his back, making the girl’s body shift and used the back of his dark-skinned head to smash the girl’s nose. Twice.
Dazed, but not giving up, she looped three fingers in his mouth and tried stretching his lips. She hissed, spraying bone and black blood.
Kilgor planted one clawed palm on the floor, used his other to reach back and grab the girl and throw her to the side.
Words bubbled in her mouth full of blood: “No fair! You’re cheating! Not supposed to fight back!”
She cackled.
And attacked again.
This time climbing Kilgor’s six-foot-five stocky frame like a spider and yanked a hand full of hair out of his head. She used her other hand to scrape fingernails across his face.
Three times.
Then a fourth.
Kilgor pulled the girl off, backslapped the demonic child over Maximus’ desk. The girl slipped head-first over and slammed the floor.
Something crackled within her skin.
A clamp grasped Kilgor’s ankle.
He looked down to see the girl who he thought he thought was dead gazing up at him with one eyeball half rolled inside the head, half out, and half a grin stretched, showing her serrated teeth. She failed trying to shift her broken neck, a fail at stretching the flesh, to focus her good eye better.
Kilgor punched the face and kicked the body off.
Two clones attacked at once, railroading him as if they were skin-covered trains, taking out his legs. Once flat on his back, they straddled him, one pressed down on his throat, the other across his waist.  A small fists began punching him in the face while the other clasped fingers around his throat.
Kilgor thrashed. He flailed his limbs and defended himself, slapping the one away, until a sting sliced at his gut.
The one straddled on his waist had grown long claws.
The child giggled.
The girl made another swipe with her sharp claws, cleaving away a sliver of Kilgor’s dark suit, finding the unprotected dark skin beneath.  
Kilgor arched his spine, pulled his legs toward his face, brought the child’s face close. The small mouth snapped repetitively like a rabid dog. Saliva sprayed Kilgor’s chest. He crossed his ankles in a scissor-like fashion, trapping the small cranium, and leaned forward. Squat over the face, he stomped on it.
And over.
Until feeling his boot smash through the skull.
The body still alive, flailed, reaching a claw to make a Kilgor purchase, only able to scrape the floor with its fingernails.
 Kilgor took a leap in the air, smashed the chest.
The body did not move.
Kilgor backed up, looked at the room. Blood and small broken bodies.
He rubbed a claw over his face, felt wetness. He bled from the girl clawing his face. His gut didn’t look bad, only a long scrape.
“Nimbus. Have you tracked Maximus yet?”
Yes, sir. Maximus Slader has slipped into the Zaphnurr Phase. Luckily I have been able to keep track on him. but not for long. The further he travels in the time slip, the less of a signal I receive. 
“Well done, buddy. We’ll catch up to him. He’s not getting away this time. Juice the turbines, I’m coming out.”
Yes, sir.
Kilgor turned to face the door and heard a scrape behind him.
Each of the bodies who he presumed dead, began to rise. 

And, the sound he heard previously, sleet hammering metal behind the walls, crashed into the hallway. 

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