Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Further News...

Been a while since I last blogged.

Sorry about that.

Just been busy.

Anyways, I hope everyone has had a good start into the New Year of 2008.

So far, it's been fine on this side of the graves.

In the next few months I'll have more short stories published out there on the net. Recently, I have another micro short story for anyone who wants to read it on

( )

One thing that I will say, is, that I have to thank all of the editors of the web zines for taking a chance on me and publishing my work. Also, Publish America for taking the chance on publishing my book "The Darkened Image". All of this, I am truly grateful for.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, writing is not easy to accomplish. Coming up with the idea, trying write proper grammar, have proper spelling, and having the right words that are easy to follow for the reader is a feat in itself.

And, have enough info that will draw the reader into the story.

I love doing what I do, but it is work.

But I don't mind that a bit.

Because when you are in your own imaginative world creating characters that are either good or bad, actually feeling them pouring from your soul, giving them life like Doctor Frankenstein did when he sent high voltage through his creation, it is a blast!

So, allow me to take my leave and slip back into the room with the four walls that breath like a human lung - inandoutinandout - and a crimson ceiling overhead that swells up so much, that I'm afraid that one day it'll burst and shower me in the color of red...

Till next time, dear reader......