Friday, February 1, 2008

Into The Depths

Right now, I'm still working on my new novel and have reached the 40,000 word mark (whew!).

And it just keeps going and going and going....

I keep having more ideas for the story, which is good I think, because things have taken a weird turn.

Something that I didn't even see coming.

So, as I sink myself back under the flesh of my imagination - the other world that sits in my head with a broken lock on the door (Damn, gotta fix that one day) - I just sit back and let it take over, and possess me:

Coursing under my skin, injecting into my veins, spreading out into my pale shell of a human being - a shell covered in skin, muscles tightly wrapped around bone, blood circulating to keep my innards moits and wet - and searching through until finding its home in the tips of my fingers....