Friday, April 4, 2008

Nearing The End Of The Long Tunnel

And the light is blazing, folks, opening up its glow for my arrival. I'm finally ending my latest novel that I've been writing for, I don't know, maybe four months now? Can't recall the exact start of it, though. But, I did write the idea down some two years prior. Just now getting around to writing it out and completing the project. And I must add that it has been an adventure. I've loved writing this particular piece about my main protagonist Maggie May. She has taken my heart and ran with it.

Though, knowing her, she might even rip it apart because I led her through a horrifying adventure.

May be a little perturbed at what kind of life I've given the young lady. Hopefully not. Hopefully she'll understand that I'm only the writer, not the delivery of Death himself - well, actually, I am. Unfortunately. I was able to show her pain in the story. Elevate her depression some; but, in turn, will hopefully give her even more of a fierce persona. I just want her to be happy and mean and vindictive and sadistic all rolled into one. One happy flesh covered body wrapped around bones.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

My sweet little Maggie May.