Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Ohio Valley Under Siege

A large dark cloud hovered over the city, it's shadow blocked out the sun.
Lightening ravished the sky; the strong resemblance of human veins, branched-out white vertical lines, wanting to attack anything in it's path; whether it was filled up with blood or hollow as a cave. The terror out of the sky was draping it's dread upon us.
People ran.
People screamed.
No one was safe. No one was out of reach from the horror that nearly touched our flesh. That nearly touched our human existence.
But we hid...
We were hidden away. Safe. Safe from the oncoming storm that poured it's wetness - it's slime - on the ground, quickly running down through the grates and into the sewers.
Into the sewers with the hungry rabid rats with their beady little eyes, their long tails, their teeth as sharp as needles....

Actually, folks, this evening Louisville, Ky had a severe thunderstorm with tornado warnings. Luckily we weren't hit by any, but some surrounding areas were. Although a funnel cloud was sited over the city. But it did not develop.
Thank goodness.

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