Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Treat

The darkness in the sky took over the city, bleeding it's presence, and making itself known. A cool wind blew, fluttering the dead leaves off of the ground; withered, as a decaying corpse. Birds had long been silent with the falling sun in the west, escaping the last hours of the day. The last hours of the evening that had turned as black as the insides of a coffin buried deep within the soil.
But movement coursed the ground...
Creatures with hideous faces and silhouettes in bone-white sheets flocked into the streets in search of treasure, visiting each house along the way. Each finding sweet innards - the bowels and intestines - in bags and bowls while jack o' lanterns screamed expressions of fear and horror on the porch steps.
I hear them on my threshold, knocking away at my door....

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